Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Battle of the 527 orgs - O

How could one counter: What did Kerry say to condemn of Michael Moore's movie?

Certainly nothing publicly. It is a good question to pose to all of the talk show talking heads.

Kerry will claim that he has not seen the movie.
Kerry will claim that a movie made for entertainment is far different from a serious attack ad.
Kerry will claim that Michael Moore is not in anyway associated with his campaign.
..........blah, blah ..... the puke will float.

To understand how John Kerry has been programmed by the far left to handle every situation, counter any statement and develop their strategy one would need to become a student of Lenin, Engels, Marx, Pieck, Ulbricht, etc. Communism is here, my friend. Is it a coincidence that all of the former members of the communist party in Bulgaria, are now Democrats. In essence for them, nothing has changed, and they hate the fact that Bulgaria is a Democracy. They changed their party name to stay under the radar.

The pinkos are still in eastern Europe, and they are here. They have been here for years. It was quite interesting to note that at the "W" rally in Santa Monica the Kerry supporters had HUGE signs with "CODE PINK" on them. They are clever. They accuse others of being what they are so that when they are uncovered, they can easily say, "They want you to believe about us what we have all known about them for years." It is a time tested technique.

Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, the Middle East have all successfully employed the methodology.

The Democratic party was the easiest for the Communists to infiltrate. They pulled members from the poor, uneducated, and minorities within our society and began making promises for a better life, more benefits and illegitimately tried to associate the Republican party with the elitist rich. However, one look into the names of the donors to the Clintons, Obama, Kerry and other Dems and you will find out that the Democrats are the party of the wealthy and provided. When I last looked, not much has changed for the poor and disenfranchised within the Democratic party. It would take less than one millisecond for them to point at George Bush with a wagging blaming finger.

They are marching fast and furiously toward their final battle to destroy our society as we know it. Just look at their platforms: Legalize drugs, open borders, open ended abortions, liberal judges, to remove God from everything, eliminate all of our rights to own guns, anon anon.

John Kerry is a puppet - George Soros is the mastermind. He has created a huge network of wealthy individuals who support his agenda because it will give them control. In the final analysis, it may not matter what Kerry says about Moore, or anything else. George Soros has created, funded and launched a dangerous machine aimed at every aspect of conservative values and morality. Soros doesn't care about Kerry anymore than you or I do. He needs a warm body and John Kerry may possible be one. Soros is closer to Teresa Heinz Kerry than he will ever be to John. George Soros has nothing in common with John Kerry, and John Kerry is expendable. Remember, John F Kerry wants to be JFK.

According to information received from a friend:

These are the wealthy funders of the democraticprogressive `527' groups.There are 3 pages to this article, links at thebottom:

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