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Who Gets The Job ????

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tired Of The Palin Bashing?

All negative discussions about Sarah Palin have been argumentum ad hominem. The attacks are nothing more than personal assualts more appropriately equated to school yard bullying.

Obama’s team was poised to pounce on any VP candidate named on Mc Cain’s ticket. They were aware of the short list and had ample preparation time and monetary resources to prepare for the naming of any Mc Cain VP candidate. Hundreds of reporters (liberal media) and teams of lawyers and researches descended on Alaska to ferret out any negativity about the Governor. The same smear campaign would have taken place with any person named by Mc Cain as his running mate because Obama’s team was armed, dangerous and, most importantly, loaded with money. They were ready to squash Mc Cain’s pick before he announced it.

Mc Cain’s camp was under-funded because the conservative base, lead by Limbaugh and Coulter revolted against his candidacy. They championed the charge against supporting him, against voting for him and against funding him. Notwithstanding the wrongheaded actions of the fringe right wing, Mc Cain held his own against a man who raised nearly a BILLION DOLLARS to secure the Presidency. It is painful to imagine the outcome if the base had unconditionally supported their candidate.

Sarah Palin is feared by the DNC and the fringe left because she resonates with the people. We are after all a government of the people, by the people and for the people. When is the last time that any American realized government working for him or her? Sarah brought that fresh voice and frightened the extreme left, the Obamanites and the DNC base. They knew that she could potentially rise up America to the pathway of truth. They had no choice but to destroy her.

An examination of the swift response attack on “Joe the Plumber” sums up the Obambastic strategy of win at any cost. He too became a voice representing the people; a voice the left cringes over and strives to stifle. Within a day of his asking a simple question, his tax filings, his child support payments, his job history and his credit report were available for public ridicule and attack. The fear mongering was extreme as much so as Black Panther totting night sticks at Ohio polling places were.

Sarah Palin lives what America dreams of. She came to the ticket with a record of reform and without a history of Beltway cronyism. While Obamanites screamed racism on any occasion, they failed to recognize the “gender based” attacks on Governor Palin. They assaulted her over being able to manage parenting and governing, yet championed Joe Biden for being a single parent who thrived early on in the Senate. Was America to believe that a man can have it all, but a woman is incapable? We were spoon fed information about her expenditures of a few hundred thousand dollars on items to prepare her for the public yet never exposed to Biden’s disbursements of over $2 million of campaign funds to family members. What kind of sexist, gender bias did we ignore?

As the witch hunt continues we can all rest assured that those who fear Governor Palin most will spend great personal and financial assets to assure that she is buried in the Alaska Berring Straights never to emerge as a threat to them or their Socialistic, Communist agenda.

The GOP, Republican base and all conservatives failed to meet Mc Cain half way and allowed America to be sold to the highest bidder on November 4th, 2008. To blame Sarah Palin is cowardly and despicable.

Wake up America, Obama is not going to pay your mortgage or fill your gas tank. Furthermore, the few hundred rebate or stimulus dollars you might receive as a “thank you” for voting will pale against the increased taxes, the obstacles to economic growth and the unraveling of our national defense system. Obama won, not particularly ethically, but he won.

If anyone is out there, willing to show some testosterone, today would be a little tardy for commencing a postive plan to support Sarah. Blaming Sarah Palin is not the starting point, it is a liberal, heinous talking point designed to deflect away from the truth about their agenda.

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What If????

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Totally Hot .... Finally Someone We Know We Can Trust

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