Wednesday, October 06, 2004

10/06/04 - Post Debate - O

Is Dick Cheney a liability for President Bush? Yes, if one considers the possibility that George Bush does not wish to be re-elected.

During tonight's debate, Sen. Edwards looked like a self indulgent, spoiled, adolescent. He was out leagued, out classed and outted in general as a fraud.

I live in Beverly Hills, I have worked in entertainment for over 20 years and I am disgusted by the lack of focus, the lack of integrity, and the lack of fair play that the Kerry camp and the media have displayed during this election year. I am ashamed of the media thugs like Michael Moore and Dan Rather. They are not credible and they do not represent decent, mainstream, concerned Americans. They certainly do not represent me.

When Sen. Edwards stated on ABC's Nightline that any person living in America who would vote for George Bush must be out of their mind, I was shocked. Consider that somewhere between 45-55% of Americans fall into that category. Edwards single-handedly insulted approximately 50% of the American people. His reckless statement reinforces a negative image of Americans around the world.

His careless statement is reminiscent of Michael Moore's rhetoric while touring Europe on behalf of his little movie. Trashing the American spirit, free speech and free choice is not a quality requisite for successful foreign policies or domestic harmony. Vice President Cheney displayed a sense of self restraint and diplomacy that amplified Sen. Edwards' lack of seasoning and minimal experience.

I don't need a poll to determine my mindset for November 2nd, 2004. I want a secure America, and a strong economy. I do believe that we did the right thing by going into Iraq prior to taking on the additional challenges of other terrorist sponsoring nations. War is bad and it comes with a menu of difficult consequences. The alternative to invading Iraq is not one I wish to experience. The potential costs to Americans of not going to war far outweigh the costs of being there. Failure to recognize the realities of today's geopolitical arena is a byproduct of poor media communications and a lack of willingness on the part of some people to accept the fact that Americans are targets because we are free. Freedom is the target.

I know that hair matters and style is key, but a tan in a can and hair to go will not keep a terrorist from bombing a school or a dam or a subway ..... Sen. Edwards can save his slick wily style for the jury box closing statement. Americans are not buying his cotton candy and they don't trust John Kerry's duplicitous standards and his positions of convenience. I support George Bush and Dick Cheney because I believe that they will remain resolved to keeping our enemy at checkmate and eventually to eliminating him wherever he is no matter what it takes. The sacrifice is great, but there is no other viable option if we are to remain free.

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